Wai Dining Group are well established in the food scene in Queenstown, and we saw plenty of potential in what we could offer to enhance their online presence. We work with the Wai Dining Group team to manage the Instagram and Facebook accounts of their four restaurants.


Our Social Ads plan targets the right people, in the right way. Our photo content is used by us across their social media channels and by Wai Dining Group for their websites, print media and more.


Social Media Management


Management of the Instagram and Facebook accounts for each restaurant, ensuring the accounts have a consistent and visually pleasing presence.



Facebook Instagram
Public kitchen & bar

Facebook | Instagram
bella cucina

Facebook | Instagram
finz seafood & grill

Facebook | Instagram


Social ads & Influencer Marketing


We manage Social Ads that are run on Facebook and Instagram. Sponsored Posts are shared on Engaged Media's Instagram handle, @newzealandeats, to enhance the Social Media Management program.

Content Creation


Each Wai Dining Restaurant has it's own personality and brand, each very different from the other. The content we create is reflective of how each restaurant looks, feels and operates.

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