Over The Top Helicopters were looking to take their Social Media to the next level. We put together a plan to create photo and video content, manage Facebook Ads and share Influencer Marketing posts across our Instagram handles. The program was scaled up as we progressed.


Once we had created content, Over The Top Helicopters were able to add to their visual library, update print media and feature in Aviation calendars. The strategy for Social Media Management for Over The Top continues to evolve with what is best to keep Over The Top at the forefront of Queenstown visitors minds. A premium activity, that offers an experience that is much for than a helicopter flight.

Social Media Management


Full management of Facebook and Instagram platforms, establishing a strategy, posting brand content, creating social ads and talking to the Over the Top Helicopters community.


Facebook | Instagram


Post Reach & Influencer Marketing


Top performing Instagram posts are picked up by feature accounts, which expands Over The Top's Instagram reach. We include Influencer Marketing in this partnership, sharing promotional posts on our Instagram handles.

Content Creation


Creating photo and video content that captures the extraordinary elements of the Over The Top Helicopters experience is the goal. Showcasing this brand in a realistic light, without excessive post-processing that falsifies the view from above.