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We provide a number of services to take your social media to the next level



Let us help you to market in a way that will generate long term ambassadors of your brand; through social media.


Social Media Management. Getting social media to work for you requires time, consistency and great content. We have the means and the knowledge to take the reins and ensure you are connecting with the right people, in the right way. Let us work with you by managing your business's Instagram and Facebook accounts. This includes understanding your brand and what you need to convey, and ensuring consistency between your social presence and all other forms of business communication. We listen to your needs and alter the process where necessary to make the journey a smooth one.


Content Creation. Engaged Media produce high quality still, video and aerial content for digital marketing purposes. Brand specific content that resonates with the target audience is key, and Engaged Media have the ability to hit the mark with experience and a carefully chosen set of tools. Engaged Media understand that consumers have high expectations of the content they see every day, and in turn understand the importance of creating content that feels authentic and invokes emotion.


Monthly Reporting. Engaged Media provide monthly campaign reports outlining KPI's for social media management and promotion. An overview of the progress of the Engaged Media program and comparison to previous months KPI's is also included.


Social Media Marketing Social Media has become a hugely powerful marketing tool. Marketing your business on the world's largest social network is now a necessity and Engaged Media can help you turn that testing task into a worthwhile investment. We will take the time to understand your brand and product, and put Facebook Advertising into action for you. This is an ongoing and closely managed service, with Engaged Media keeping you informed every step of the way.


Facebook advertising is a cost effective and highly targeted form of marketing. With Facebook content being consumed on a range of devices, by a huge number of people, it is undeniable that this platform can be an asset for businesses. Done right, your business can reach your target market, with the right branded message, and simply measure results.


Sponsored Content. Engaged Media have a highly engaged, growing Instagram audience of over 450,000 followers currently receiving over 10,000,000 monthly impressions, 700,000 engagements and 10,000 views per story  Promotional posts are an affordable means of marketing your business to a relevant audience and aid the Engaged Media management programs. Engaged Media offer management of social promotion through Facebook business ads and creation and management of social marketing campaigns eg. contests, giveaways.