JUCY have chosen to develop their mix of content and expand their library of digital assets by bringing us on board to create written and photo content for their brand. Blog writing was a gap in their content calendar, as well as authentic content to coincide with each blog piece. We journey to the beautiful Milford Sound with JUCY Cruise to soak up their familiar yet special brand.


JUCY embodies the cheerful JUCY brand we all know and love, while effectively communicating with a different audience. Creatively writing for JUCY  in this specific tone of voice, is what makes our long term partnership with the business.

blog content


We write blogs on behalf of JUCY Cruise, to be shared on JUCY's website and social media channels. This written content showcases the JUCY Cruise experience and points of difference.



Facebook | Instagram


Post Reach & Influencer Marketing


We include sponsored posts and stories on our Instagram handles, sharing photo content we have created at Milford Sound on a JUCY Cruise journey. 

Content Creation


Creating photo and video content in Milford Sound comes with endless possibilities. We capture the true essence of this experience by focusing on people; their reactions, emotions and connections.